Sean has passed the Advanced 3D Printing classes! With a total of 12 weeks of learning, its been fun seeing what new things he has learned and put to use! As he has completed the class he gets to bring home his very own printer! Sean shows amazing potential in at home printing and loves to make objects for friends. He talks about how he would like to start selling printed items to make money, specifically to buy cheeseburgers and make fun of his instructor (Cori). It has been quite the experience teaching and learning with Sean! Some of the highlights He pointed out was that he learned more than he expected to in the advanced class and was happy that he could catch on with it! His favorite print that he made with the Palette was the Cleveland Indians “C” logo as a multiple color print. As for his personal printer, he said his favorite has been the white lion.  A con, Sean said he thinks the teacher (Cori. Again!) should stop trying to steal the awesome prints that he makes. These accusations have yet to be proven! ( It’s definitely not Cori writing this!) We can’t wait to see Sean come back with some awesome prints.   

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