In the more advanced world of 3d printing, it is important to know the mechanics of the machines! Sean has had some great experience with the basic printers, and has started to learn how to assemble the ender 3! For the current project, Sean and Cori are putting together an ender 3 for a very awesome friend of ours! It will be given as a graduation present and they have no idea! It is awesome to see former students become more involved with helping others. As for Sean ,  learning how to diagnose and repair basic problems is a must. For practice, a former student, Justin,  was having some problems with his printer and brought it in. Sean walked through steps to narrow down what the problem could be and identified that when Justin would change build plates, the bed wouldn’t be level. He identified that there was a large difference in the thickness of the build plates and showed how to properly level the bed! Upon inspection we also found that there was a crack in the extruder handle. After a quick swap for a new part, we sliced a bed level print and kicked it off. The printer worked great and Justin was very happy to get back to printing!

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