RTC industries has joined us countless times over the years to experience some karting fun. Every group that visits us always includes some new smiling faces and our returning friends. This time we had the pleasure of working with 10 of our friends. They never fail to make us smile and have a good day. Despite the weather we find ways to make it all worth while. We got some mud on the tires going through our wooded trails and flung it right off on our open fields. Not only did they get to go in the woods, Rocky gave each individual a chance to drive the golf kart. Some are hesitant to drive the kart. But those who know Rocky, know he has magic powers. The powers to persuade people for the better. He makes everyone feel so welcomed and comfortable. He believes no one should be restricted from joy. He slowly makes them feel comfortable enough to drive, by the end of it you will see a big enough smile to fill your heart. We are forever grateful for our RTC groups.

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