Its summer, nature has reclaimed the area as the two survivors of winter emerge from the offices. Exchanging glances in the sun, the two knew it was time to battle the trees! We gathered the weapons, armor, and  supplies we knew would be critical in this historic event.  Rocky pulls the Honda Pioneer around, behind it hauls the trailer. “Onward!” we yell as we charge down the hill, flailing our chainsaws and trimmers. We get to the battle field, what once was beautiful stone walls and fresh cut grass is now ivy and bushes! We attacked- giving everything we had to restore the beauty of the land. It lasted for hours as we wrestled the trees and weeds onto the trailer. Finally, after the heat had exhausted the grounds the two peered at the trailer heaping high with the scraps of mother nature, I ask “But boss- How will we keep all of this on the trailer as we drive? Won’t it fall off?” dreading having to pick everything up again. The boss chuckled and responded “Simple! You will sit on it!”

Okay okay, maybe that was exaggerated. The work has been done, the trails are clean and this will be the best season yet!

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