Ever wondered how the karts stay beautiful and running? Well, early in the morning we go out to the garage and let our worker gnomes out of their pens so they can get to work fixing the karts! This usually works as the gnomes natural instincts are to repair and clean. However somedays this is not an option for us and we have to do the work. When this happens (100% of the time, the gnomes are very unreliable.) the karts are pulled out and given a thorough inspection.  We go through each kart and make sure everything is functioning safely, we refill blinker fluid, fix the fairy dust holders and– okay okay, we don’t use that.  The hard work comes in changing the oil, swapping brake pads and getting our work shirts covered in grease. A lot of patience is put into our vehicles to ensure that every participant feels safe and comfortable during their class time!

Rocky, the more mechanically inclined out of the staff here on site often recruits his side kick who has no idea what she is doing. This is used as  a learning experience and most likely the reason the gnomes ran off! All jokes aside it takes a lot to keep up on and we greatly appreciate the donations we receive. For just 1 gallon of oil a day, you too can support a go-kart.

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