We are excited to welcome in our first 3d- printing student for the summer! There’s lots to learn with this class, knowing all the diagrams and of course learning the machine! Keith shows great talent already on day 1 and we cant wait to see how he progresses. For today it was all about basics learning about the parts of the machine and by the end of class he had it down! We talked about what different kinds of printers there were and what he would like to print. It was decided that we would print a cat sitting in a box. Stay tuned to see the finished result and follow along with the class! Who knows- there might just be a pop quiz!

Update 6/22/22:

Keith has shown amazing progress in class! After passing many of our “pop quizzes” and shenanigan’s from Throttle Mouse,  it is proven that he has a great hold on printing. So far Keith has printed a few cat toys, a vase, and the coolest so far, a train! Now, this is no ordinary train, this is his entry into the coolest contest ever! As a group we decided that instead of a pizza party for the end of the class we would hold a competition. The judge (Julia) will rate the entrees and pick the coolest one based on a very detailed grading sheet, as she will not know who printed them!  The topic of the competition is “Best Taco Holder”! Keith is already a step ahead as he kicked off the first part of his holder. Can’t wait to see who wins!

Update: 6/30/2022

It’s the last day of class for Keith! He has done amazing and can tell you himself that he has learned how to 3d print. It was a fun experience teaching him and it’s hard to see him go! However, OOD is working hard to get him his own printer, so he will be back! Keith said that his favorite time during class was when he got to play as the “teacher” and finally get to pick on his student (Cori)! Needless to say he did a great job. For the last class we held a contest, the judge did a very thorough examination of each entry and believe it or not, Keith won by a solid 31 points! Among the other entries was the Caro-Shell.. And Coris’ entry she named “procras-taco-nation ”- the name is a mess in itself-let alone the print! Everyone had a great time and Keith hopes to be back soon!

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