This week one of our students wraps up their last class of the season. For over five years this family gave us the honor of working with Lee, a sweet and honorable young man. Lee enjoys routine activities, Rocky made sure that it was possible. Every week of the season he would go inside for a quick break, then go out with Rocky into the beautiful wooded trails. we are grateful for another season spent with Lee.

This program not only affects the students, but the families as well. We asked Lee’s mother for her experience with the program and here are those beautiful words from the heart.

“People will ask, what is Lee interested in? In the past I usually didn’t have much of an answer because he didn’t have many interests. When we started going to The Hub Lee looked perplexed and had no idea what was expected from him. Over time he just adored going to The Hub and seeing Rocky. I was thrilled years ago when I heard about the program. Its quite a drive for us but its a beautiful drive from Marysville to West Liberty. I have several videos of Lee going up and down the hills and each time wanting to go fast. The setting is beautiful and Rocky has been so patient and positive with Lee and always congratulates him when he’s doing a good job. When the sessions were over I could tell Lee did not like them coming to an end. Often through winter Lee will ask “Rocky?” Lee’s not one of the people that wants to go to a special needs camp. Or being in Special Olympics, we tried- no good. We tried workshops- tortures to him. Tried art- no luck. Forget animals. Lee loves the outdoors. I think with driving he felt like he had control over something and some independence even though the vehicles were adapted and Rocky would work the brake. We would make it a special event as well because on the way there and the way home we would of course have to maybe stop at the gas station and get a bag of Doritos and a Diet Coke and he loved that. We are forever grateful for this experience.” -Susan

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