One of our goals in these programs is to enhance the abilities of our students while teaching them new ones. When we met Keith, we knew he would be a great fit for this course. As his last week comes to an end, we wanted to see what Keith and his mother thought of the benefits and ideals of our 3D printing course. We asked them the following questions.

  1. What brought you to our program? Keith and his mother wanted a 1 on 1 learning experience that could teach him a new skill and allow him to create gifts for family and friends as well as items he could sell!
  2. In your time here so far, what differences have you seen? Ina (Keith’s mom) has seen an increase in attention skills as well as a fully engaged mind when he is working during his session. She says, though it is still challenging for him, every session opens a new door of possibilities.
  3. What are you hoping to gain from our program? Keith wants to gain a new skill and a fun way to create gifts and objects to sell. Ina says she wishes for Keith to gain more experience learning new skills and understanding making mistakes is something everyone does and it is just part of the learning process. Printing can get complicated and some prints may fail, but we teach the most we can to prevent that from happening.                       Keith has medical complexities and several of those are very unpredictable on how he will be feeling day by day. He can have really good days where he feels great and then days where he isn’t and those days he may be experiencing chronic fatigue and nausea that is unpredictable. These skills allow Keith to create items when he feels well enough to do so and work then things run best for him.
  4. What have you enjoyed most about these classes?  Keith states “Rocky is a great instructor and has helped me with learning about 3D printing and he makes it fun while I learn. I have been able to learn by repeating steps and the processes of making a file to print. I struggle sometimes but Rocky has told me everyone does.”
  5. Are their any changes we could make to improve our students experiences in the future? Ina wishes to have an improved work book with more images, words, and definitions that students could look back through when lost in our step by step process.

We would like to finish up this post by stating how grateful we are for our students and their progress throughout their time with us. Another one of our goals is to prove to our students that they are capable of doing more things on their own than they may think. Keith has shown tremendous progress through these six weeks and we hope these classes have proved to Keith and those round him that he can conquer anything that comes his way.

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