The Indiana crew is back again! Of course, Ian, Lucas and Samuel were there- and they brought friends, Christopher and Anthony!

 As the vehicles arrived you could just hear the excitement! Ian could hardly wait for the van to park before he was chasing after the karts. As he checked out the Honda Pioneers (which are his favorites!), we welcomed our new drivers. They were a little nervous at first but by the end of the day they did an amazing job at driving! Anthony showed fantastic potential as he maneuvered the karts and showed his skills with  situational awareness. Christopher did an awesome job as he liked to recite the rules of driving that he knew! With a total of 10 people,It was a very fun day getting to see everyone drive and enjoy their time. Cori’s job was to take people out on the trails! Everyone loves seeing the classic Pine Tree Trails and seeing all the landscapes.  With the ability to take 3 people out at a time it’s fun to hear everyone talk about it on the rides! It was smiles for miles in the beautiful weather, fresh cut trails and a great breeze that kept everyone happy. Near the end of the event, we even had a special visitor stop out. Zero is a black and white Argentine Tegu! Sitting at 4 feet long he is quite a sight to see! Everyone had the chance to pet his back and Watch him crawl around. Thank you to Nothing’s Impawsible Exotics Rescue ( ) for stopping out! And of course, the day wouldn’t be over without an even cooler surprise! A custom adapted remote controlled RC car made for Ian. Overall, it was an awesome day and we can’t wait for the next time! 

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