As Ben continues to learn in class, it’s clear that he really knows his stuff! Rocky has been the instructor for the past few weeks as Cori was out. In this time, Ben was  introduced to C.A.D design, a program used to build 3d object files. Ben had so many great ideas for customizing pieces it only made sense! So far Ben and Rocky have designed a custom DS card holder that looks like a toaster, which Ben is very proud of! Design has become a great interest for him and he is currently creating his final big print and making a large base to hold some of his favorite DS games. As his last weeks for class approach Ben keeps his focus on class and staying on topic, and has become a fantastic student!  10 hours of design, and a total  print time of 28 hours! Ben spent hours tracing every logo using the CAD program so that he could stamp them into the Ds display. After taking the display home, Ben made a video showcasing it! He even timed the game music to each piece, it really shows his skills and interests in design and gaming! The video was shot on a cell phone and the music rights belong to the original game designers. Over all, His interests in printing has grown exponentially and he will be returning for the Advanced Course!    

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