Meet Roo! A 3 month old Chihuahua puppy born with out front legs. Roo has learned to maneuver himself around using only his back legs, causing him to hop like a kangaroo, hence the name “Roo”! His mom, Tiffany, met the team at The H.U.B during a group event for special needs adults. After inquiring about the 3d printing program, she asked if it would be possible to print Roo a new set of legs! Well, wheels in his case! Rocky and the team of engineers sat down and took some careful measurements and brainstormed what the best options for Roo would be. The plan would be to give Roo the same freedom as the other dogs, this meant he would have to learn how to move around again on his new wheels! After creating some prototypes the crew started to bring their ides to life. First, the model would be printed and assembled by University of Dayton students and Rocky. Next, a harness and padding would be installed to allow for maximum comfort and security sewn in by Cori. We can’t wait to have Roo back up here and see how everything fits! Be sure to check back in a week or two!

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