As seen in the previous post (Indiana Crew!).We talked about a custom made RC car. Here we will go into some cooler details! First off, the adaptation was made for Ian, as he can not operate a common controller used for most RC cars due to his limited range of motion. The typical controller requires the use of both hands and in this instance Ian only has limited use of one hand. Therefore, in typical Rocky fashion, he took out the screwdrivers, 3d printers and CAD and created a custom joystick that would allow him to fully operate a remote controlled car for the first time. It was clear to see that Ian was excited to control the car in the same way he controls his chair! This opens up more possibilities for independence in the world of adapted toys. We hope to create more of these adapted toys for other individuals because everyone should get to drive a remote controlled car! As we were designing this one we had a better idea for a new design. Instead of a controller that mounted to a table top, it was noted that we needed one to hang on the armrest of his chair! So, of course a  bigger better vehicle is on the way and the new design is in the works. Stay up to date with us to see the reveal! A joystick is just one of many solutions that can be implemented  to enable someone to participate. If you or someone you know is in need of a custom device please reach out! 

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