The HUB made a journey to Hillsboro Ohio, to visit with our fur legged friend! If you’ve read about Roo’s story earlier, you’ll remember  he is a small chihuahua that was born with only two legs. In the previous visit for  Roo, we had tried out “the minivan” design. With the most recent visit, Roo got to try out “the turbo” model! Some slight adjustments and Velcro we set Roo up in his new ride. He was unsure about it at first as he had never been able to “stand” like a normal dog. However with some encouragement in some treats Roo took his first steps! The team took notes and realized that Roo had gained some weight and would need stronger suspension for the front end. As the visit came to an end we knew the idea was going to work! The Turbo Model was taken back to the shop and upgraded with much stronger springs then sent back to Roo and his family! We are excited to see the progress soon as he learns how to navigate in his new wheels.

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