Last week Sean 3D printed a filament holder. This holder is designed to fit perfectly to his CR 10 printer, without needing any extra bolt holes. In the process Sean used a ratchet and sockets to attach the spool holder to his printer. Not only does the filament holder look sleek, it is also structurally sound due to the extra bolt they added. No matter what you print, adding other materials into the mix such as metal, wood, or solid plastic will make it much stronger without the use of extra filament. For our first test print to see the functionality of the holder, we printed a cat that turned out near perfect.

Alongside this project, we focused on how the settings of your prints make a difference. Beginning with the goal to print this pumpkin out of the least amount of filament possible, we also wanted to see how fast we could print it. With the first test lacking a bit of material, we wanted to try again. On the second round we added more top layers and increased the extrusion rate. This gave a smoother look to the pumpkin without increasing its weight or time by too much.

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