For the past four years Rick has been volunteering his time cutting grass for The HUB once a week. Rick enjoys spending his time doing lawn care and offered to help us maintain the track! Through the years of cutting grass, our ride-on mower was starting to show some age and it was beginning to worry him. After a thorough investigation it was decided that we needed a new battery. Off to the store we go! We checked out some of the best batteries but thought they just weren’t good enough.  Finally we found a perfect fit! With the help of the store staff we loaded it up and hauled it to the shop. After some test runs the tractor was good as new!..Well, that’s what we told Rick anyway- as we showed him the new battery you will see.. The tractor turned a whole different color! Rick lit up when he saw the new ride-on mower. During his breaks Rick likes to check on what’s new in the other programs and cool off in the AC! Thank you again Rick, here’s to cutting grass! 

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