Please join us in celebrating our 5 year mark with UCT. This group has always been an influenceable contributor to the HUB . It was clear to see just how important our work is to this group at this years annual meeting. In the past, honored to be chosen as a “guest speaker” at these gatherings! After a small social hour with everyone we moved to the meeting room. Members of UCT from the United States and Canada regions gathered to honor the members that had passed away from the previous year. Afterwards, Kieth Ward had a small speech about the program and then presented the HUB staff with a generous donation of $5,000. In the past, UCT had been an annual participant in donation, with this year another group also donated! Rocky, Cori, and Julia were very grateful. As Rocky turned to the group he spoke about how it has been very helpful each year to receive funding as it provides better equipment for the kids and adults involved. We can honestly say the HUB would not have survived the beginning years with out the aided support from UCT . “Quite honestly, I want to grow up to be like you.” Rocky said in response to the group, reiterating how he someday wants to contribute more back to small programs. We hope for many more amazing years working with UCT!

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