As The HUB continues to grow, we have paired with the University of Dayton’s School of Engineering to enlist some extra help around the property. UD has a program called Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service Learning (ETHOS) that sends students all around the world to use their engineering skills to make a lasting impact on the community. The HUB is one of their newest additions for places to serve.

The HUB started our partnership with the ETHOS Program in January 2021. The University sends 1-3 students to us each semester to serve for the entire term. The partnership allows for students to gain valuable experience in engineering while also supporting our mission and community development. So far, we have had 3 students who have worked on various projects and been an integral part in The HUB’s growth. They have played major roles in designing our custom line of adaptive switches, designing assistive devices with robotics and coding, teaching our 3D printing self-employment program, and developing our new website and marketing strategies.

We are incredibly excited to continue working with the ETHOS center and UD and cannot wait to see everything the students help us create and accomplish. To learn more about the individuals working with us and where they are headed next, visit our partners page.

To read more about the ETHOS program and what our first round of students did, visit this article.


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