Hey there, meet Lilly! We are so happy it’s her first year here. Lilly is 11 years old and has always loved fast cars!

She had communicated to her mom and the guidance councilor at school that someday she wanted to be a race car driver. Luckily for Lilly, they knew just who to call! With the biggest baddest karts ready to go Lilly had the chance to drive around with her grandma and little brother as passenger. Of course the Honda Pioneer 700 was the perfect fit. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Lilly has impairments in both her eyes and hearing? She utilizes a cochlear implant to hear and can listen to directions like a pro. Amazingly enough, after only 3 classes she can maneuver the trails almost like anyone else! Rocky and Lilly are working on a system of communication that tells her when and how much to turn. Stay tuned for more videos and pictures of this crazy race car driver!

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