This week in advanced class, Sean has been learning how to use the CR10 to its best capacity! This would include learning some new features in Ideamaker and Prusa. In Ideamaker, there is the ability to use “stamping”. Stamping takes a PNG file and will imprint the image onto the object that will be printed! Using the stamping option allows for logos to be used in production of custom pieces! As for other projects, Sean has been creating whistles for RTC. While designing the object he has learned how to merge text so that it can be printed as a 2 color print! This gives an awesome element of design. He agreed to make 50 of them! When crating a bulk amount of prints it presents the need to work efficiently, Sean decided that printing 10 at a time with a color change would be the best rout to take! Honing in on the advanced skills, we’ve started to use mixed material prints. In the picture of the garden stake you’ll see a perfect print right? Surprise- they didn’t stick together. This is because one material needs a much higher printing temperature than the others, so as the print finished the materials could not bond together. Sean has been doing great keeping up with the more in depth information when it comes to settings and understanding how they can improve a print!

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