Feeling out the size of the build plate on the FT6!

Kenny’s most recent print, and it’s no bull. He is kicking tail!

The FT6 has a build plate size of 13in x 27in  . The common Ender 3 has a build size of 250 x 250 mm, that is quite a difference!

First print kicked off for class!

Kenny started the 3d program with us this week. As for Kenny he was born with no sight- and if you follow along with our programs many people know that printing is quite a challenge even with vison! That wasn’t going to stop him. Kenny uses a program on his laptop that allows the screen to read off the options he can use, this works even with Prusa! As for the printers, he uses his hands and can closely feel the parts to level his bed, or check where the display panel is. It has been a learning experience for everyone but it seems to be going great. Kenny is a very quick learner! We can’t wait to see what he prints next!

How awesome is 3d printing? It’s so cool you don’t even have to see it to believe it! Kenny has been an amazing student and proves to us every class that printing really is for anyone who is determined to learn! Kenny has decided to continue learning while the county looks for a printer that will work best for his abilities. Kenny holds an associates degree in computer science, which allows him to easily navigate the software we use.

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