Our 3DSE program is designed to teach people with developmental disabilities how to 3D print and create their own business using the skill. It allows individuals to create their own work environment, where they can be comfortable and free of distraction, as well as create products that they are interested in and will enjoy making.

One of our first students, Jennifer, who graduated in March 2021 has already been really successful in starting her own 3D printing business and growing it over the past couple months. She started by printing garden stakes to sell at the annual Logan County Board of DD Flower Sale, and it was a huge hit! Since then she has made business materials to promote her products and accepts custom orders. Jennifer’s growth doesn’t stop their though! Starting this week, Jennifer’s prints will now be available at Rustic Boutique in Bellefontaine, OH. Her prints mostly include articulating animals and fidget toys.

We are so proud of Jennifer’s accomplishments so far and cannot wait to see how she continues to grow!

To support Jennifer, visit the Rustic Boutique, and to learn more about our 3DSE program and get involved, visit our 3DSE page!

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