Jonathan first started at The HUB taking driving classes with Rocky in the summer. As the season came to an end, Jonathan wanted to stay involved through winter and showed great interest in learning how to operate a 3d printer. He proved to be a very quick learner and advanced through the courses with ease! Through the time spent together, Jonathan and Rocky became best buds, thinking of cool things to print for his friends and family. Rocky loves to surprise his friends with cool prints, too! Jonathan enjoys learning about Greek mythology, his favorite  topic being “Thor”. Rocky and Jonathan share the interest and have printed many mythology based items. Well, as classes went on, Jonathan said that he had a friend whose birthday was coming up and he wanted to make something awesome! So they sat down and looked through “” (a common site to find STl files for printers!) and found a pen shaped like Thors’ Hammer! It was great, he picked out the colors and walked through the steps to kick off the prints. The next week, Jonathan returned for class and was excited to see the finished product. Eagerly waiting to give it to his friend. Rocky instructed that he would have to find the right kind of insert that would work for his project, Jonathan gleefully replied back “No, YOU will have to find the right size pen…It’s YOUR birthday present!”. Rocky was very happy to receive the gift and thought it was so funny his student completely surprised him! After all the work and time put into carefully choosing this gift, Jonathan never once gave a hint that it would be for Rocky. What will they make next? Stay tuned!

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